Friday, September 30, 2005

been writing

more at myspace than here, but i figured you could deal with it. Learning new stuff every day about Mexico and Mexico City.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Beginning the new blog

So I have left the old country, and this is the space where I will keep posted the events, as they unfold, about my new life, and my new country. It is not so difficult to leave behind anger. I think of what Rhandi Rhodes always says, I just don't hate people. They may hate people, but I don't need to. There is enough of that going on.

Mexico has a long and convoluted history of entanglement in communist ideas, communist architecture (love it), and broad failed government programs as well as terrifically successful government programs.

It is funny though, how much better prepared is Mexico as a result of confronting massive Soviet Style mis-management. The US confronts the same horrible organizations, that have rooted themselves deep into the system, into every corner of federal government and there is probably nothing that US citizens can do now to get them out. I believe they will bring about the end of that once decent country and reduce its citizens to crowds of angry and powerless pot-bangers, like what we saw in Argentina only a few years ago.