Sunday, March 26, 2006

what to do ?

That's a screen capture of my Sage window, where the RSS feeds from the art blogs I bother to glance at are. You'll notice that Gusky's still fabulous Art Blog Comments is still at the top.

The other art ones are as follows (the non-art stuff you'll have to search for yourself):

Edward Winkleman, who I gave kudo's to once, but now i am not so sure, I basically think he is neck deep in New York City's corrupt anything goes establishment and I just don't care.

ArtCal, which I sometimes read, and the tenders of which have above average taste, whatever that means.

James Wagner, who sometimes mixes it up with real-life stuff so his blog is not such a snore.

Art Fag City, sometimes I think this one is ok, sometimes I think it is just a response to otherwise unimportant art-world crap that I could not care less about.

Anonymous Female Artist (a.k.a. Militant Art Bitch), I mean, she's got an angle, not like Winkleman. So you sort of know what to expect. She loves Amy Sillman, so she's not all that well educated I guess, but I mean, she's got something to flog so flog away.

But the point is, the internet is great for blogging and terrible for looking at art, right ? unfortunately it seems that art is terrible to blog about because who gives a shit to read about it all the time. I sooooo long for some news (that little Sage section is just the art section, most of it is politics), for some news that something is happening... a full blown impeachment, massive prosecutions and extraditions to Holland.

It's only Gusky's artblog comments really has a view of itself and what it is doing, I can't help but think his is the only blog that doesn't just suck up to power, and what pathetic power it is, dealers and critics, please. Here is Gusky writing about Edna at Anonymous Female Artist:

Even when art writing is informative and expresses an opinion, it often lacks passion. I often find myself forming a mental image of the writer wearing a lab coat, shower-cap, surgical face-mask and rubber gloves, carefully jotting notes onto a clipboard in a sterile lab environment.
Really couldn't have had more pleasure thinking that up myself.

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  1. Ashes, you ROCK. Thanks for being so nice. Let me know the minute you hit the Northeast. We should get together.