Saturday, September 30, 2006

understanding the wall

There is a lot of questioning as to WHY the united states invaded Iraq. Why did they lie about it, why did they push so much bad information and force acts through congress in spite of knowing that there was no threat to the US. I see these questions asked all over the internet. It is irrefutable now that the present administration was dishonest with its intent and motivations and plans and with what it wanted from their dirty war. But still people want to know "why then?"

I am writing this post to my many Mexican friends so that they can understand why this is happening. Boeing, L-3 Communications and Unisys Corp will earn 2.1 Billion tax dollars putting together a project that will not work, is designed not to work, and which could not possibly be affective but which seems aggressive and which will cause pain and misery for some unlucky travelers . Cost overruns will probably put the earnings of these 3 corporations at 2 or 3 times the amount of the contract.

The 9/11 attacks on the US happened because the present administration was concentrating all of its attention on a different boon-doggle. Some kind of space umbrella that could not and would never work, but which would funnel untold billions into the hands of otherwise un-profitable corporations, and which would appear aggressive.

The invasion of Iraq was planned and carried out for these same organizations. These are Soviet style organizations, Bechtel, Halliburton(KBR), and IAP, which have no incentive to perform better or compete with anyone at offering a service. The use of racial aggression, they've found, is the best public relations they can muster, and in an atmosphere of open hostility, terror and government chaos, they needn't perform to any standard at all, or even complete the contracts. They've lost the war now, and as with their exploding toilet pipes and feeding garbage to soldiers, and murdering 10's of thousands of civilians, they simply do not care. Like Soviet organizations, their sole aim is to funnel money.

The building of some 30 radar towers and whatever else, TV cameras, all along a 7,500 mile border is a pathetic ruse. It is aggressive and violent, but it is not designed to stop anyone from getting in, except perhaps for few unlucky people crossing when the TV networks are visiting.

I've read a a great deal in my life-time of the suffering and miserey that remained in Europe for years after world war 2, the shame that rained down on the people of Germany. Those who were lucky enough to survive were left mad, bereft of their senses, lunatics often wandering the streets picking through garbage. It is a dark period about which little is ever spoken, when literally hundreds of thousands of people slept in barns and outbuildings because so many cities were still smoldering. Great caravans of vagabonds wandered Germany's modern highways. I am writing this because, of course, most of these people were not Nazis. Most americans do not support this administration. But god help all of them.

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  1. I've been thinking that this post dipped into a dangerous level of conspiracy theory that anthropomophisised zeitgeist. That is, scapegoated the action of mobs with an individual. But, tonight, it occurred to me that if I could imagine an individual like Gandhi, then there was clearly some room for his antithesis. I got scared.