Thursday, November 06, 2008

Party Monster

These days, when asked at dinner parties in New York what kind of paintings I do, I hesitate knowing that somehow God will slip into the conversation and I will never be asked back.

- Marshall Arisman interviewed by Vickie Karp at Huffington.

There's a scene in Party Monster where the venerable James St. James is asked just who were the Club Kids. He nostaligically remembers the period in Manhattan in the aftermath of the death of Andy Warhol when a vacuum opened up in the NYC nightlife and the kids all swarmed in to fill it.

It's a vacuum we're still contending with. Perhaps I am not paraphrasing the scene exactly accurately. I won't be watching the movie again. But maybe the "publicity for publicity's sake" attitude is on it's last legs. The Marshall Arisman illustration is yanked with thanks and gratitude from DetroitArts.

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  1. I hope this means you are back from vacation...