Thursday, March 29, 2007

why we should teach the bible in Public Schools

Time magazine is revoltingly fascistPerhaps then we could pray for a free press instead of a corporate press. Many people believe that if bin Laden ran for election in Pakistan he would carry the country by a hefty 70%. Similar numbers he'd enjoy just about everywhere in the region, all the way to Saudi Arabia. The irony of this magazine is just too much to even contemplate.


  1. whoa!
    yes, the irony is huge.
    bible in schools
    taliban is our enemy.


    It was quite a sight to see the ravages of war in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia this summer... the people who were formerly under the umbrella of "Yugoslavia" - ethnically the same or darn near it, the same spoken language, but (alas) drawn into a vicious and bloody and savage war because of their different religions. Such a brutalization of spiritual messages.

  2. I'm reminded of Alredo Jaar's compelling series of Newsweek Front Cover's in his Rwanda project.

    What makes the front cover of the NY Times?
    The "poor and problematic" education conditions in the Congo, NOT the real problems within the education system here in New York City.