Sunday, April 15, 2007

couple of good responses

crier wireThere are a couple of good responses that cropped up on Crook's and Liars in the past few days. Both of them relate to the reply to Brian Shapiro's post below that I am composing and that now I am starting to hear about in my email.

All that said, and while I have the same instinctual reaction against some of what Brian has written, I am glad that he felt this was a place where he could get his thoughts aired and I really don't feel that I need to maintain a strict oversight over things like ideas. That's the way it was supposed to workremember? If I thought Brian was a right-wing hate peddler I wouldn't engage him at all. I don't think his essay below shows a particular leaning toward the kind of ideological blindness and race hatred that characterizes the right wing.

gwenn ifill

Put your extended comments here. The ones I like I will re-post as posts. Try to impress me with your argument. Watch these couple of videos (click on the images, or go to Crooks and Liars home for the originals and transcripts) and then have at it.

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