Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ugly woman cowboy

Sorry I really hate this mumbling bag of public relations wisdom.


  1. as a Rutgers alumni I'm happy to see the school "considering its options".
    Now if we can just get the same outcry over Rush, Savage, Coulter, and Beck we might gain inch for civilization.

    and yes - that is a faux-cowboy office marm

  2. hey,..

    some while ago I argued for a way to appreciate the Art Renewal Center's position,

    not that I equate them with Imus or Coulter or others,

    the thing about the recent pseudo-scandals with Coulter and Imus is that even though I don't like them or listen to them or encourage others to, or think they have good commentary, is that I think there's something wrong with how the intellectual reaction has been to them.

    I commented on highlowbetween's blog, knowing he has some appreciation for Baudrillard at least, that the Imus scandal is more a media event than a real event, exactly what Baudrillard was describing when talking about hyperreality: nobody is really offended, they're just pretending to be offended.

    a few weeks ago I wrote something on Coulter's insult of Edwards that never got posted where I wanted it to. someone who himself hates Coulter thought it was good as an essay to publish so I sent it to the NY Times even knowing there would be problems publishing it. basically, I think Coulter is in a similar role to what H.L. Mencken was in a century ago, and her politics is just like shock art, -shock politics-. people who get puffed up and shocked by her and take her seriously are the butt of her joke.

    i want to know if its ok to use this comment space to post what I wrote for your consideration...

  3. By all means, email me (studio.ofashes ]at[ gmail and I will post right up as a guest post, but first see Lenin's Tomb's wild veer off the Beaudrillard tangent.... I really enjoyed his wild ride: There >>

    send me an intro too, miniature bio ok ?