Friday, August 11, 2006

embedded in and emboldened by viscerality

Big and fun to chew on this weekend. I know, I know, I'm the only one reading this:

Neo-Expressionist painting involves an empathic response to its subject matter, Neo-Conceptualist appropriation art is completely unempathic to its medium as well as subject matter. Neo-Expressionism is a spirited re-assertion of art’s commitment to the unconscious -- gospel since Surrealism, and already explicit in Symbolism. It shows that it is still possible to make inspired art, affording an unadministerable sensuous and personal experience, evocative of unconscious feelings and fantasies, in esthetic defiance of the leveling and appropriative tendencies of the administrative society, to which Neo-Conceptualism capitulates. Indeed, Neo-Expressionism is an art of feeling and fantasy, rather than an art that emulates the indifference ingrained in everyday life, which is what occurs in Neo-Conceptualism. It strips art of unconscious import, reducing it to institutional site specificity and social objectivity, indeed, into a token case of an ideological or theoretical position. Neo-Expressionism represents the rebellion and possibility of being a True Self in a false world, to use Winnicott’s idea. Embedded in and emboldened by viscerality, the True Self expresses its vitality in personalized ideas and spontaneous gestures. Its creativity makes it feel real and alive. In contrast, Neo-Conceptualism unwittingly complies with the false world by intellectualizing it, declaring art to be false in the process, and thus contradicting itself to the extent it claims to be art. [Bolds are mine]
I really don't know how you can argue against the NY art world without that paragraph. Thank god Kuspit wrote it so I didn't have to (not that I could have). Question is, do New York people think that because the painting above is not very good that somehow that makes Neo-Expressionism impossible or not worth it ? Does that mean you shouldn't try things like this ? Why should I NOT think neo-conceptualism is Anti-Art and Anti-Intellectual ? Why would anybody want to be involved in that ? It's not even any fun. It's seems sort of in-humane, like looking at advertising all day and talking about it.

Now I am going to have to avoid art galleries with guys riding bicycles and new media for the rest of the weekend. I guess I'll take in the Tamayo Biennial, which thank god, is not actually against art.
Image is: Salomé, Blood Bath, 1979

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  1. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Has anyone seen works by artist Ruslan Korostenskij? I think they are what the contemporary man really needs now: some positive emotion. You just must see his works as they bring pleasure and alleviation in the deepest inner corners of one's soul.