Friday, August 25, 2006

still not september

Still not september and I may not be serious about blogging until the middle (of September), so in the meantime we can think about economics. This Interview With Economist Jared Bernstein from the Agonist is a nice way to start. Here's a small taste:

"...the YOYOs think individual savings accounts and more head-to-head competition will solve the [health care] problem. That approach works wonderfully for millions of commodities in our economy, from pork belly futures to toothpaste at the drugstore. But access to health care is not a commodity; it's a basic human right in an advanced society like ours. So we need to take it out of the market and ensure that it's delivered equitably and efficiently. At least in this regard, we are simply not that different from every other industrialized economy that figured this one out long ago."

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