Wednesday, August 23, 2006

judicial activism

I've just been sitting here with Art Powerlines talking about what blogs I read everyday, and this quote from Unclaimed Territory sealed the decision for me.

The inanities in Althouse's Op-Ed are far too numerous for there to be any hope of capturing even the majority of them in a single post, but this comment points to one too extreme to be overlooked. Althouse's accusation of "judicial activism" here is particularly incoherent given that Judge Taylor was upholding and enforcing a law (called FISA) that was overwhelmingly enacted by the American people through their Congress. Enforcing a democratically enacted law -- as Judge Taylor did -- is the opposite of what "judicial activism" describes (i.e., where a judge ignores the "will of the people" by undemocratically striking down laws they enact).
Sorry everyone, I promise to be a good blogger again soon.

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