Sunday, April 09, 2006

comments restored !!

This is a post to tell you that the comments were all hanging in LIMBO for like 3 weeks, not sure why... I fixed them.

Chose this pic cause I was gonna continue this post with more talk about racism, but I don't feel like it. Just a little funny that the racists are ALWAYS on the right isn't it? Why is it that when people think we are condemning the right we are somehow condemning the fiscal policy that they are so famously incapable of ACTUALLY INSTITUTING. Oh, I was condemning the right for actually earning money from work, instead of manipulating governement contacts for more money, oh wait, was that the soviets ? Which side were the Soviets ? Were the Soviets RIGHT WING because their final key insight was that THE ONLY WAY THEY COULD MAKE MONEY was from the government that they controlled ? No, the soviets were on the left, because they monopolized the means of production which oddly is what the right now does. But the Soviets weren't racists, the Democrats aren't racists... the Nazis were and so are the Republicans.... that was the point.
Update: FireDogLakes Latenight FDL series on racial extremism on the right has been exceptional. Please read it. here. here. here. here. here. here. here.

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