Sunday, April 02, 2006

Huge thanks to Bill at Artblog Comments. To answer a few questions, and ask a few more... I am working on an exhibition in Tlapan (here in Mexico City) a little bit later this spring. Obviously you'll hear more on that later. These photos are part of that exhibit, part of a bunch of questions I am asking about painting and photography, and certainly, still some I am asking about blogging itself. I don't really take photography quite so seriously as I do painting, but htere is no question you can use it more effectively in mediums such as this one. I despise throwing paintings immediately up onto the internet, but with photography I am a lot less certain. I like blogging a lot, especially reading good blogs. News in the USA would be worthless without them. But I am not certain that blogging for painters is quite as crucial or as pressing. Painting makes me a lot more contemplative, and it is important to be in the same space as a painting, physically. Photography may be a little bit more like writing, instantaneous and versatile for sure, but I find it tremendously abstract. Is a photographer showing me something, like a painter would, or convincing me of a point of view like a writer does ? Not sure I have much of a point of view other than one of awe and mystery, at least I hope not but I am afraid that is rather a difficult point to argue. In painting it seems much simpler. "Look, I put these two colors next to each other and they tingle." So much simpler than the "meanings" that we bring to photography and words. I like to think of these photographs as being like ever so simple drawings. Just lines.

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