Wednesday, April 12, 2006

the invisible state

Funny, my brother, a Pennsylvania biologist, gave me a foto of this very barn as a gift just a few years ago. Happy birthday, Tim.

Via Negativa just posted a fantastic, sort of all over the place history and environment and all kinds of other stuff post. It's just the sort of non-professional, not-too-specialized posts that the internet is good at and that could conceivably keep the fly-over states from
sliding further into the morass of enforced media invisibility. This kind of earnest, serious voice with insight and actual on-the-ground, useful knowledge is really going to set the tone in years to come, at least I'm hoping.
Then we read this. Yoy.


  1. Well invisible perhaps for only a short time longer. The Santorum election is coming like a thief in the night! Not mention Hardbrain Chris Matthews may be running for a Penn seat and talking all over people to get there.

  2. Glad you liked my post - thanks for the plug. I just moved to a new site and platform (WordPress) which includes a Categories feature, something I always missed at Blogger. So I'm starting to go selectively through the archives and put appropriate posts into a "Pennsylvania" category. The blog medium is perfect for travelogues, and I hope to do a lot more of them. The funny thing about this state is that it's not only outsiders who take us for granted. Pennsylvanians themselves tend to identify with their local area rather than with the state as a a whole, so exercises such as the one you just linked to are kind of a rarity. On the other hand, god forbid we ever become as full of ourselves as Texans!