Sunday, April 09, 2006

just listening

Listening to Seymour Hersch today, I can't help but think of Ludwig Beck, not that I am in anyway encouraging any sort of violent coup or bomb plots. That stuff was all later by which time Beck had already resigned.
As William L. Shirer wrote in his classic Rise and Fall of the Third Reich:

Beck was convinced, he wrote in his May 5 [1939] memorandum, that a German attack would provoke a European war in which Britain, France and Russia would oppose Germany and in which the United States would would be the arsenal of the Western democracies. Germany simply could not win such a war. It's lack of raw materials alone made their victory impossible.
Not that US lacks raw materials, we are just facing a lot that is obvious now to a lot more people. Also, see here, via AmericaBlog.

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