Thursday, December 07, 2006

on the utter stupidity of every Republican you know

And yes, partly just because I wanted to use this foto, but Digby's post really got me thinking. The truly wild part is, that any Republican who thought they could trust these people, is being left behind. I seriously doubt that any of the people blogging on the filthy right of the blogosphere even makes more than $100K per year, and none of them, not one of them will see any benefit from all of the contorted and dismal acrobatics they have had to construe. All of the hateful lies they have pumped out over the last few years have served to diminish and degrade their beloved country and the freak family above will walk away with millions, maybe billions. Rumsfeld walked away worth 199 MILLION DOLLARS. And I know sucker lawyers making 60 or 70K who think that some how this was justified. That he eeeeeaaarrrnned the money. In fact, I bet those sucker lawyers think they themselves are in the top quintile too. They're not. And they won't benefit. The true movement conservatives walked away with the money, and the "conservatives" stuck with the rest of us in a liberal democratic republic got nothing. Take a look at that picture. What the fuck century is that ?


  1. Anonymous10:46 PM

    There are lawyers that only make 60-70K? Have you really met one? Was he eighteen?

  2. "sucker lawyers" ?