Thursday, December 21, 2006

oy, so much mexican politics to grapple with

I don't think I can out-do the Unapologetic Mexican in praising the Gustavo Esteva piece published at Znet a few days ago.

Out of respect, I try to keep my nose out of most Mexican politics, especially when I hardly understand a lot of it. But I will say, I have longed to understand the "Other Campaign" as much as I have longed to understand the PRD. I don't wear a lot of indigenous gear, and I don't own anything emblazoned with Che's face. But it is tough to know where to stand and when to keep one's mouth shut. I generally just keep my mouth shut, particularly on matters Marcos related. But that is not to say I have not hungered for some bridge to understanding.

Use TUM's piece as an intro to Esteva's extended piece (Esteva is quite long). I don't expect everyone will be donning ski-masks tomorrow, but Esteva's article is far more enlightening than anything I've seen previously. Closing with just one good taste:

The communities seem to be unable to confront the immense economic and political forces that continuously attack them, the large transnational corporations and a State that is increasingly at the service of capital. Nonetheless, broad coalitions of the discontented continue to extend themselves in their slow accumulation of forces. They can see in the distance the conditions under which they undertake the political inversion of economic domination, of the structures of capital. Without losing a sense of reality, that is, without denying the real risks in the situation, we should not allow ourselves to be blinded by the fireworks of the constituted powers, national and international, including the "superpower" that finally accepts itself as empire. In the final agonies of a regime, the last remaining forces are used to impress the subjects, to make them believe that it still is what it was before. Though it is possible to destroy and intimidate with the armies and the police, it is not possible to govern with force … unless the people allow fear to paralyze their hearts and minds.
I knew I liked these people.

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