Sunday, December 31, 2006

Big Freaking Truck

Big freaking TruckFor something like 8 months of the past year, a good half of my traffic came from people looking for a "big truck" on Google France and Google Mozambique and Google all over the freaking world... So here it is again. I tried deleting the picture, and then the whole post and still they come. Oh well, hope to see all you big truck fans again in 2007. As a gesture of good will, Big Truck Salvage is here. Big-Big-Truck is here. There is a picture of a Gigantic Truck here. And an Enormous Truck here. But sadly, I cannot find a truck of my friend Serioshka's description, the mythical Ginormous Truck (that's /jai-NOR-mus/). Scratch that. Actually, a quick search lead me to this, the Ginormous Truck.

Anyway - happy whatever.

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