Monday, May 22, 2006

city on a hill

Am putting together a wee exhibition of fotos such as the above and with the title above. It is striking to me the rhetoric that comes flooding out of that country to the north. The idea that those people can claim Americanness makes me want to pass out Job's ashes for some of them to wear in the near future. There is not a person here, in Mexico who believe it is a good nation or a nation worthy of respect and yet each of them look at me with a reservation and return to me with the utmost in humility and respect, as if always to say to me, "we realize you are not your country, that people should not be judged by where they came from." A country that has so internalized that ethic is worthy of a place at the table. And the one that puts its worst face on its editorial pages, the one's I wince at thru google news, and its TV and its radio, they bring shame upon all of us. Mexico is a beacon of hope.

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  1. beautiful picture
    I understand what you are saying. YOu have a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts and feelings. I feel a pang in my soul. The situation here is so disturbing. Keeping an eye on the Santorum race. Can't wait to visit you in Mexico.