Monday, May 08, 2006


Carla over at Art Powerlines has a perfectly reasonable response to the Mia Fineman piece in yesterday's NY Times. Juxtaposing Lewitt's seminal 1969 series of sentances against the grasping at straws nature of the Time's piece, one conclude's that it's got to be tough for the Times to keep trying to cover up the fact that New York is a center of African American and Dominican culture with the words that fall out of Jeffrey Deitch's mouth. Deitch, a marketer of fake art, provides the sort of justifying and stirring phrase-work that rallies fake artists to their feet.

"But even in the most prosperous market, there's no way that the majority of young artists are going to make a living just from their own art.
One wonders what making a living constitutes. Presumably, in the new economy one would need a contract from the defense department to even begin considering the new line of flat screen televisions coming over from China.

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