Tuesday, May 16, 2006

the company we keep, Wind Fest, Part 2

And just to emphasize which way the winds are blowing, take a lookey. This is who the so-called "bloggers" of the critical edge thing are collecting checks from:

The Collaborators *
Wall Street Journal
Associated Press
Miami Herald
San Diego Union-Tribune
Philadelphia Inquirer
Dallas Morning News

The Probably Could Be Doing a Helluva Lot More
The Star-Tribune
Seattle Times

The Probably Not So Bad but why are they talking to people who work for Republican Operatives ?
Rolling Stone
Modern Art Notes
Time Out Chicago (I'm assuming this is something like white-out new york, a culture free zone)
National Arts Journalism Program

* So if you're being paid by one of the organizations in the first group, it might be really sort of worthwhile for you to think - THINK - about why people might be blogging.

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