Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I am going out to take some pictures today. I am tired of reading blogs and thinking about all the pain and suffering in the world. Not to mention all the crappy blogging.

But here's some thoughts on the "Immigration Problem."

It's one economy. Try to deal with that. The conservative estimate is that 60% of immigrants remain in the United States between 3 and 5 years. The figure is probably 80%. According to Rhandi Rhodes yesterday, the percentage of Mexicans among illegals in the USA is 20%. 20% with 80% staying less than 5 years !! Not an immigration problem, it's a racism problem.

All Mexicans understand how bad and evil governments are - ALWAYS. They laugh at me when I suggest that progress is possible. Not because they think progress is impossible but because they know it's a long hard slog.

Mexico is an open country, with open borders, free trade internally (Mexican's are allowed to sell things, unlike in US where only corporations are allowed to sell. Mexican's are allowed to hire each other, unlike in US where only corporations may employ, Mexicans are allowed to build and beautify things unlike in US where only corporations have development rights.) Mexico, unlike the US, is respected by the world and international communities and has free, open cultural exchanges with many other nations. United States has limited access to information from beyond its borders and even it's educated classes live under the yoke of an extremely ideologically slanted perspective.

Mexican's love their country and believe it will suffer forever. That positions them very well for alleviating the suffering. They believe they have rights equal to those of Germany, France, South Africa and Korea, all of which are plainly visible from here.

I am going to photograph some of Mexico.


  1. Nice picture you got there.

    Yes, blogging is what poeple do to waste time and send wierd messages to poeple. Or at least, most of the times...

  2. great picture
    did you take this close to where you live?
    post more, please

  3. snap away and come back with some tasty blogger fodder!