Wednesday, May 24, 2006

clearer now

I was for a few days. This foto will give you an idea what I was doing. Many thoughts.

Clearly when one is driving thru strange and beautiful territory, one thinks of landscape and place, and meaning... -being. Nice to come home to Paddy's very straight up piece at NYFA Interactive. One of the things I dwelled a little on while getting the city behind me was what makes a good blog a good blog. Updates constantly. Focussed. Has a voice.

I am pretty sure I don't fall into the category of a New Media Artist, but using new media is certainly not out of the question. I look for inspiration to blogs like Firedoglake. I understand what political blogs are aiming for, and it's not "just revolution." Maybe better to say of course that in fact it is total revolution. But for me right now, the voice that is missing is just simply honest about what we want out of art, why we became artists, why we studied art as opposed to say... graphic communications or something up that alley. (I really hope not to ever be cutting edge in art. That stuff has a shelf life of 14 seconds.) I think you'll see more posts along these lines as I put my head back together.

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  1. Ashes -nice plug from Paddy over at NYFA. You're in pretty good company with Leisure Arts. Keep up the good work.