Wednesday, January 03, 2007

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Bill Kristol is a war profiteersometimes, believe it or not, i stay up late reading things that other bloggers write. And on the odd occasion that I start to read what bloggers write about blogging I am a little struck by the pro-blogging world's reluctance to talk about what I think is still one of the chief reason's for the explosion in blogging and web 2.0 and the conversations that are so utterly deeply necessary as we watch our country falling apart.

I didn't start reading blogs because the New York Times was too expensive. I started reading blogs because the New York Times stood its ground and refused to tell the truth. And when they let the Gore vs Bush decision stand, when they refused to condemn it and insist on the impeachment of everyone from Sandra Day O'connor and moving to the right, well I needed to find another source for information. And all the goddamned web 2.0 in the world still has not quite satisfied me.

I am mildly interested in search engine optimization if it will get the entire staff of the Wall Street Journal fired, or at least if we can get, in print, how much these people have individually profited from their hobby war in Iraq. I would like to see Bill Kristol's personal financial statements, to learn why a man who has been consistently, indeniably wrong so many times in the past 5 years is writing for Time Magazine. Has his influence been to his own personal benefit in equal measure to the destruction he has rained down on the rest of us? Maybe if I had the same information about this Tom Friedman or whatever that persons name is at the New York Times, then I could read Roberta Smith's brilliant art analysis without thinking I have been contributing to the malignant acceptance of patent dishonesty that has consumed the "non-interactive" press.

Comment away. I don't mind comments. I mind big media in the pockets of Big Corporations. I would never have read the proudly non-interactive Joel Stein piece in the LA Times if not for an interactive blogger who linked to it, but the question is the same, how much has Stein or the crummy parent company of the La Times, or the crummy parents of Joel Stein profited from this filthy war, and from the humiliating degradation that all of us have suffered. Well, those of us who can actually think for ourselves anyway.

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