Wednesday, January 10, 2007

cynicism like golden breakfast flakes

may I recommend, without heartily endorsing, this DailyKos Diary,
Failure = Success (The Real New Way Forward). Or, to sum up in brief:

First, the GOP was willing to lie to get the country to go to war and succeeded primarily because decent people couldn't imagine them doing such a thing. Is it any less likely that they would design their "New Way Forward" as a domestic, political strategy aimed at minimizing the consequences of their failed policy? Second, from a diplomatic and military perspective the whole idea of a "surge" is irrational. Could it be that we're viewing it from the wrong perspective? Is the "surge" really domestic politics pursued by other means?
I would only add that the number of "decent people" convinced seems to have been relatively few, some 21% was necessary for a 51% majority.

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