Friday, January 19, 2007

las gradas 003

from Onesock's very excellent comment:

I mean she is fully in the act of discovery ON STAGE. There is no rehashing of rehearsed activity. Perhaps thats a way on untangling the web, thru thinking and FEELING your way around each strand.
Why do I always feel embarrassed by performance art? Why when I think of people teaching art, doing art or understanding art, does no one ever talk about untangling a web, and feeling your way through its complexity? If I wanted to do science, I guess I would do science.

Yet there is nothing in Nina's performance that embarrasses me. It is profoundly personal and un-pretentious. Think about doing and presenting and understanding painting (or concept) like that.


  1. Yes! It is such a difficult thing to strip the topic bare.

    A recent thread on Ed Winkleman's blog developed the general consensus (among Ed and the commentors) that an artist must have some level of mastery over a medium before experimenting with other forms. I commented that , although I can see truth in this idea, I wanted to examine HOW that works, what are the alternatives to that idea that work? When does one achieve mastery and why is this important?

    I am not complaining because I love participationg on that blog. But your words strike a cord in that I often have that feeling in any discussion, and not just regarding art. There are layers here, lets examine them.

  2. couldn't have said it better myself. I stopped reading winkelman's blog because I thought there was a general consensus that was just too open-minded for me. Art can be for everyone, of course, so why are so many people alienated by it? Part of the reason, I think, is that too many people on top of the heap rely on assumptions about personhood and even psychology that are not well addressed in "professionalized" art forums. Sometimes I call them art marketers, and sometimes I call them institutionalized. Not to simply call names, but to describe what I think is a steadfast refusal to describe the erotic and nurturing role that art plays in our lives. Too many layers down, and thinkers start running for cover.