Saturday, January 06, 2007

lemonade is for suckers

so the taibbi piece in rolling stone is probly too good to just let pass. But no one ever goes and reads the whole thing, though I did cause sirota said to. I know lots of Republicans and they really are mostly stupid people who think that the 20th century was really nice and that a lot of great americans died in this big movie they made. And Taibbi doesn't hit at David Brooks at all, though I wish he would have smashed that guy a new one. I mean, these people don't even know that lemonade comes from lemons. They think it comes from the supermarket. Ok. My favorite part:

Our foreign policy initiatives in the area resemble attempts to mend fences with a neighbor whose lawn has been mussed by bringing him a tuna casserole cooked specially by wifey; only in Iraq, when casserole-presenting Dad ends up with his eyes gouged out and his skull charred black, hanging upside down from a telephone wire and impaled on the shards of the casserole dish, the neighborhood committee convenes and...decides to bake a bigger casserole.

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