Thursday, January 04, 2007

meaning - meaninglessness

People in power lash back hard against meaning being found in places they can't control. This is one of the obvious things we've seen from establishment Washington, people like David Broder and Cokie Roberts. THEY control meaning and they don't like it when you people find it, and make it and use it in their own little lives. Nothing pisses off Mexican's more than the idea that the EZLN is probably right. Mexico, for these people, is Monterrey and somehow it is going to become well a little bit better than St. Louis, but still, it is going to have a clean working infrastructure. The Washington Consensus dictates meaning for these people and any meaning you find, with your crafty little ego, well it is just a joke. Take your meaning and go buy expensive shoes, don't try using it to empower yourself. If you do, you'll meet with this sort of attitude:

"People felt a reverent attitude toward 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue," says Tish Baldrige, who once worked there as Jacqueline Kennedy's social secretary and has been a frequent visitor since. "Now it's gone, now it's sleaze and dirt. We all feel terribly let down. It's very emotional. We want there to be standards. We're used to standards. When you think back to other presidents, they all had a lot of class. That's nonexistent now. It's sad for people in the White House. . . . I've never seen such bad morale in my life. They're not proud of their chief."
Sort of sounds like when a little brown person asks for democracy. Of course, Tish is complaining about Clinton, not the one in there now who kills little brown people faster than you can bat an eye.

Likewise, if you pursue meaning that Nacos or regular people can understand, then you too are threatening the power-base of establishment, Yale-based official meaninglessness. They haven't got meaning and they don't want it, because they've got the Chicago School of Economics for a religion, and a "market mechanism" to distribute it, and a pseudo-philosophy of "ironic meaningless" to prop it up with. Meaning at a more personal, or a communitarian level was dealt with and dismissed before NAFTA, before the FUCKYOU round of trade talks established the Pope, err, the American Enterprise Institute as the sole arbiter of meaning.

You want meaning? Catch up on the last 20 years of history first. Not history of art or politics, but just straight economics. You get no say in any of it, of course. A seat in a think-tank costs millions, then you can talk. And official Washington, or Monterrey, or Geneva, they will accept your meaning. They've proven that by the lily-whites of their fluttering empty eyes.
and could those whose meaning in life comes from carrying water stay off of my blog?

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