Wednesday, June 21, 2006

2 more replies

2 more nice replies on what Ross seems to be missing in his look back at the late 19th century. The first from Firedoglake on the SEIU victory in Miami. Miami ? The other is from, well, yes, from Lenin's Tomb with a great screed on WTF is going on in the US. Now I've got to go see how Mexico can handle Portugal.
________ UPDATE:
And here's a great left vs right in Austria clip from the LA Times. I guess they agree over there:

Peter Pilz, a spokesman on security issues for the leftist Green Party, said of Bush's visit: "It is problematic to welcome as guest a politician who wages unconstitutional wars, uses falsified secret … reports as an excuse to do so, is willing to preemptively deploy nuclear weapons, who tolerates kidnappings, torture and illegal detention camps as a means of security policy."

Joerg Haider, former leader of the far-right Freedom Party, said in an interview with the moderately conservative newspaper Die Presse that Bush was turning the Middle East "into a witches' caldron."

"The summit will not change anything," said Haider, who is best-known for anti-Semitic comments and opposition to immigrants when his party was part of the government.

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