Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Arthur C. Brooks has an interesting post over at CBS News. It is basically an essay on some sort of wig-wag surveys that allow people to rate other people’s political views on a scale of zero to 100. Apparently there is a lot of intolerance on the left. Brooks writes:

But if and when liberal political power returns in America, we should remember the findings here every time we hear the inevitable progressive homilies on the importance of tolerance for a good society.

I couldn’t agree more that tolerance is a great virtue. Let’s not forget where, at this moment, it is most conspicuously absent.

But Mr. Brooks, maybe we should remember too what the oh-so-tolerant Right is tolerating:

  • Excuses for Torture
  • Disingenious stories that were designed to deceive the public to go along with the full-scale and totally illegal invasion and occupation of another country.
  • Excuses for the ignoring of warnings that should have prevented a huge terrorist attack
  • Scapegoating immigrants and gays
  • Excuses for an incompetent defense department and secretary
  • Excuses for 2 wild wingnut attorney’s general dedicated far more to politcal attack than to respect for the constitution
  • Excuses for setting up concentration and torture camps around the world
Of course, they need to work on tolerance for people who are any browner than white, gays, immigrants, and people who aren't from the United States no matter where they live, but I guess Mr Arthur C. Brooks has a point about how little tolerance I feel for his views.

Image is the November 5 NY Times ad placed by Partnership for a Secure America.

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