Friday, June 16, 2006

photo journals

Inspired by Lighteningfield, which is, I think, a great way to remember the greater New York area if you have any reason to, I am teaming-up with a new entry into the online photojournal arena. I remember how, many years ago, I realized that Webshots had people all over the world uploading pictures for dorky, local geography and history reasons. You can still see fotos from my first trip to Mexico there. And that was great. All the gringos posted pictures of themselves drunk, but you could really get a good idea of other parts of the world, places that I will never go, like Minsk and Odessa on the old Webshots site. Maybe you still can, I never look at it anymore.

Since then obviously, most of that action has moved over to flicker, and I have toyed with them a little bit. A lot more going on at flicker for sure, things magazine covers this stuff with flair and often, like group projects Pareidola and subject specific albums such as Modernist Houses !! Things is an invaluable guide to what I think is an otherwise largely unbrowsable site.

But I have been most happy with google's super lite-weight Picasa software, excellent for online photo retouching purposes anyway. If you work with print or real graphic design, I'd say, steer clear. But with their new easy upload thing, I am hoping I can get more of my fotos up into the more stable environs of cyber-space, rather than here where the cats walk on my keyboard and every thing seems so ready to cash out forever. With that, I encourage you to check out my for now experimental venture into a Picasa webalbum here !! I think they are experiencing some server problems on the google side, and everything I've got says it is beta, but by the time you guys check in, I am hoping to have this album loaded and my harddrive breathing easy.


  1. the photos on Picasa are fabulous
    thanks for sharing

  2. When are you going to host the Mexico City Art Bloggers of the World Conference and Fiesta? we're all needing a trip ;)

  3. get us some more RC bloggers and other good sorts and we'll host the whole bunch.