Wednesday, June 21, 2006

nail well driven

Highlowbetween hits a few strong nails right squarely on their little round heads:

Its so status quo at this point, quite conservative actually when you think about the last 60 years. The recent fucking rad, bad painting crop feels like a collection of hollow style mongers and quite honestly do little more for the world than provide hipster wallpaper for gallery hopping.
Emphasis mine. I can't do an illustration with this post. Sorry. Too depressing. But I think the conservative angle doesn't get enough of a shake. A lot of this art is glaringly anti-intellectual, cynical about art and art's capacity, cynical about its audience, an insult to its own clients. It does sound a little like Leo Straus. Maybe these art intellectuals really believe the vanguard is somehow going to lead from afar at October Magazine, in secret, and they'll provide the masses with this stuff in the meantime.

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