Thursday, June 29, 2006

estudio para una serie de paisajes

The following is along the same lines as what I have been writing and thinking about lately:

Because we play with causes and effects and never go beyond them, except verbally, our lives are empty, without much significance. It is for this reason that we have become slaves to political excitement and to religious sentimentalism. There is hope only in the integration of the several processes of which we are made up. This integration does not come into being through any ideology, or through following any particular authority, religious or political; it comes into being only through extensive and deep awareness. This awareness must go into the deeper layers of consciousness and not be content with surface responses.
Again from Krishnamurti at Seeker after Truth. The school I went to, like any school probly, was loaded with agnostics who were quick to turn Krishnamurti into a sort of substitute religion. It beats October Magazine, I suppose, as substitute religions go, but I have always been hesitant about getting too heavy into Krishnamurti's thinking as a result. Because we play with causes and effects and never go beyond them, except verbally...

What I try to do is turn over the same bits of language again and again until they stop having their same significance. I cling to those kinds of significance to my own (to my works') detriment but eventually I find connections and meanings that were not apparent in the first instance. The understanding is that their is some grave well of meaning deep and true but not apparent to the mundane conciousness, not obvious.

I have had a long struggle to figure out what an art blog should be about. I never put my finished work here or in Studio of Ashes because my finished work is always designed for a body to encounter. Most of the communication is done between the bodies of the viewers and the thing itself and therefore glimpses on the internet are but soundbites. But I do a terrific amount of "essays," studies where bad ideas are fleshed out, and proven wrong, and these not only litter my floor and my walls but inform all of the work in the same way that writing about the work does sometimes. "Quoting" these ridiculous and not-so-ridiculous studies by pasting them into a blog helps me to understand from one more of countless angles, and puts them out so that an infinite number of "concious entities" (ha ha, that's you) can fling these still embryonic ideas back at me, changed, altered. Vibrating differently into the circuitry of vibrations, they try again to get into, further into, an understanding.

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