Friday, June 02, 2006

here's some cortazar just cause it's Friday

Yes, everything coincides. But it is not a question of a return to the middle ages or anything like it. The mistake of postulating an absolute historical time: There are different times even though they may be parallel. In this sense, one of the times of the so-called Middle Ages can coincide with one of the times of the Modern Ages. And that time is one that has been perceived and inhabited by painters and writers who refuse to seek support in what surrounds them, which does not mean that they choose to be anachronistic; they are simply on the margin of the superficial time of their period, and from that other time where everything conforms to the condition of the figure, where everything has value as a sign and not as a theme of description, they attempt a work which may seem alien or antagonistic to the time and history surrounding them, and which nonetheless includes it, explains it, and in the last analyis orients it towards a transcendence within whose limits man is waiting.

Here he's writing as Morelli, just to confuse things. Remember how much hope we used to have in Metafiction ?

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