Friday, July 07, 2006

Can you speak "Pretensia" ?

Pretensia is a word someone I know once invented for the language of artist-statements. Actually, it might have been me. Usually, if you read the word imbue, you can be sure you're reading something written in Pretensia. Take a look at this blog-entry/promo-piece for some sort of workshops in Wonder Valley, California. Yes, Wonder Valley, truly a valley of wonder.

Then read the comments. Some angry folks think this blog entry was too much of an advertisement and didn't go heavily enough into rejuvenating the artist spirit. What do you think ?


  1. Aaahhh maaan. . .
    I was just gettin' excited about using the word "Awe" and now you, or rather she, had to go and ruin it. I don't know about pretense though. In the town where I live, it seems that 80% of the people are employed in the health and wellness Industry. The couple across the street organizes "spiritual" fairs all over the planet. They do very well for themselves (2 million dollar re-model to a 1900 salt box). Our next door neighbors own 4 yoga centers and drive around in Land Cruisers. Yeesh. I'm not sure why it makes me un-easy. At least they don't have "W" stickers on their white deisel Ford 750 pick-up Hummers. It seems odd, doesn't it, to be selling spiritual assistance? People need it! And buddha knows I would benefit from some yoga. (Right now, I'm a Tai-chi in the park guy). But the language of that link is something else! I glazed over in two sentences. The "Cheese-factor" was too high.

    Ok, here is my question: Rejuvenating the human spirit is essential, but is that art? I'm asking myself this now. What is the difference between therapy and art? I feel like I know.

    She is selling Wonder, and I don't buy it. I don't find it prentensia either, just lame. I'm the one with pretense in this case. For art pretense PaintersNYC comment section is good for the occasional dose.

    To paraphrase Mike Watt: If you are always looking up or you are always looking down, your neck gets tired.

    What was the question again?

  2. It's interesting that a few of the commenters seem so sure that they can get all the insight and inspriration on their own... and seem to feel that there is little or no value to be gained from a community. Obviously, a community must be carefully & wisely formed, but my experience is that the gifts of the community are immense.