Saturday, July 15, 2006

Iraq to become 2nd most profitable war

Yes, this London Times article makes out like it is just money being spent, money being paid out. Not like Republicans are actually earning any of this money. It must get paid to, oh, like um, the employees of the missile companies and maybe the soldiers, like for their hospital bills? After that it just disappears. According to somebody in the article:

“Fighting a War on Terror and defending the homeland imposes great costs, and those costs have helped create budget deficits.”
Well i guess you could call them deficits. But folks at the pentagon and their stockbrokers call it PARTYTIME !!!
Update: More grizzly details here.

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  1. only a deficit for the soldiers and their families and the taxpayers - oh and the endless civilians who's lives are destroyed. Otherwise its a profit or a new appointment to a thinktank