Sunday, July 30, 2006

still reading kuspit.

I am probably sitting on about a half-dozen posts that remain un-solidified. Oh well. Have been reading these Donald Kuspit chapters, trying to keep up with them anyway. Here is a little sample of what I thought was fun.

Conceptual art also signals the crisis of representation that was responsible for avant-garde art from the beginning. The "impossibility" of art is tied to this crisis, that is, the recognition of the difficulty of making a representation adequate to modern life led to the realization that it was impossible to make art, which is at bottom what Conceptual art is about.
I still wonder sometimes why the NYC art scene so hates Kuspit. I think it is pretty telling that someone NOT writing in pretensia meets such a wall of silence. For you non-artist readers, print these chapters out (I know you all have office jobs). They're pretty indispensable and cut through a lot of the nonsense. The latest one on Kiefer is a bunch of good fun and remember this stuff is all like 25 and 30 years ago.

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