Friday, July 14, 2006

on compulsion

i am always writing that i want my blog to be compelling like a political blog. Focussed, every day with an important issue, driven like the work. But like the work it has to be open, letting a lot of other imformation pass through, be filtered and turned over and examined from a lot of angles.

Part of the reason that a lot of my work ended up looking the way it did was because I was seldom willing to drop a single issue from it and i've ended up with amalgamations of every single thing i thought in a single day, or over some period of days. Sometimes it is piled into a heap and sometimes ordered in rows. But it is never directly symbolic, or rather, as directly symbolic as every line ends up, the reference is never exclusive. Just thoughts.

1 comment:

  1. This has been nagging at me since Friday. It seemed to strike a nerve in my self-doubt mechanism. How is "compulsion" related to by (studio) life? Should I change or focus some behavior? Even with my blog? Was I comfortable with my heaps and rows? I eventually looked up an antonym for "compulsion" because I couldn't think of one myself. I was startled for some reason to find these words: "free will, freedom, independence, liberty, license"


    I like to see you as a filter, not always focussed, just thinking.