Wednesday, July 26, 2006

cera de abejas

I am going to buy beeswax from these people. I am going to mix it with a healthy amount of turpentine and some linseed oil and body up some projects for which 2 dimensions are insufficient.

It never really dries.


  1. My prefered formula was just beeswax with a touch of carnuba for added hardness. I didn't even add damar because I'd already dealt with toxic silkscreen solvents and lost, so I didn't want to heat up anything that might destroy whatever I had left. Be careful, be very, very careful! But maybe your formula doesn't require heat.
    My set up: (scroll down)

  2. thanks zillion KJ. I am looking for the carnuba wax now too.

  3. weight to go!

    (don't worry, i just slapped myself)