Wednesday, July 26, 2006

sunrise from my roof

This is one of those feel good posts about my rooftop at sunrise.

Here is my lovely building with the terrible fluorescent lights still on.
And here is the building next door. Most of it got knocked down in 1985. So it has grown up with trees.

But wait, look a little closer. One of the charms of living in the hemisphere's biggest megalopolis is being woken by country farm animals such as my neighbor there.


  1. That's a rooster. But what is that concrete sink thing that is covered by the corrugated awning? The last two pictures look like some lost city that Tarzan discovers.

    Beautiful tile courtyard.

    Made me feel good.

  2. that would've been the utility/half-washing board sink of a second floor apartment. They still build them into nearly every apartment/patio here. Most of the second floor is gone though, I think the people underneath are using it as a roof-top utility sink and place to get water for their bird. If you look directly below the rooster in foto number 3 you can see that that was the center of a builing with a similar courtyard, it is kind of eerie to go in there and walk on the busted up tile floor surrounded by trees.